> Welcome to my life

The Editor, 2 Jul 2014

(All individuals in this chapter are purely fictional and any resemblance to existing inviduals is purely coincidental)
Welcome to my life
"Hi there, this in Janine - how can I help you today?" I say on auto-queue. Its another complaint for the new version of our latest + greatest bleeding edge software.

"That's the first time I have heard of this issue. I will raise it with our support team and someone will get back to you promptly" (yeah right). And "Have a nice day" and now it's time for my tea break with Melanie.

I call up to Melanie's desk who is on the phone to Bill asking for help with her dodgy mouse. She's having difficulty convincing him to come down + have a look at it for her
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Janine - That's me, the Call Centre Girl
Melanie - My Best Friend
Bill - The hunk from I.T.
Rodger - My Boss
Philipa - the 2 faced bitch
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